Paper 2

Paper 2: Analyze an issue raised by Mondovino

For some, globalization is killing the idea of wine expressing its local terroir, and this is the stand taken in the 2004 documentary by Jonathan Nossiter, Mondovino. For others, globalization has made more and better wines widely available and affordable to consumers.

In this assignment, you will write an essay analyzing a specific issue raised by Mondovino. You can analyze the general argument of the film, or a more specific issue in it you found interesting (the role of consultants, the power of critics, old world versus new world questions, the portrayal of specific wineries, people or places, etc.) Once you have picked an issue to focus on, your paper should be written as a response to the way the movie tackled the issue. To illustrate your argument, you can focus on a specific country or region if you want, OR if you think it works better for your purposes, use examples from many regions.

Sections: Please break your essay down into at least 3 or 4 sections (each with an informative title, starting with an introduction and a conclusion). This will make your paper much easier to follow than a single block of text.

Length: about 2000 words, excluding bibliography.

Citations: Use a minimum of 20 sources for this paper. You will cite your sources in-text using a standard format with an “Author (date)” system, followed by a complete formatted bibliography.

Submission: Paper due in word format, submitted on Moodle by 23:59pm on the due date. Late penalties apply, as indicated on the syllabus.

Grading criteria

Presentation of argument: Your thesis should be clear, stated early on, and the essay should be organized to defend it.

Presentation of evidence: The concrete examples you choose must be informative and illustrate your argument.

Writing: Your writing should be clear and well organized.

Quality and breadth of sources: Use a minimum of 20 sources for this paper. Pay close attention to the quality and relevance of your sources. You need to have enough substantial academic (i.e. books and full length academic articles) as well as short or long pieces you will find on good popular wine magazines, blogs. There is a huge supply of popular writing on wine all over the internet, make sure you assess your sources appropriately.

Note that you will have no trouble finding enough substantial academic sources. First, you will be surprised to see the vast amount of academic research (both in journal and book form) available on all sorts of wine topics, and in many academic fields. Second, it is a very good idea to use sources not necessarily about wine, but about various issues on politics and economics in the places you are talking about.