IPE321 schedule

Schedule of classes, readings and assignments (readings are on Moodle, unless links are provided)

Tue Aug 30: First day of class

Thu Sep 1: NGOs and donors: a historical perspective.

Reading: Too close for comfort: the impact of official aid on NGOs (Edwards and Hulme)

Tue Sep 6: NGOs as service providers.

Reading: Bebbington, Anthony. “New states, new NGOs? crises and transitions among rural development NGOs in the Andean region.” World Development 25, no. 11 (November 1997): 1755-1765.

Thu Sep 8: Contracting NGOs for social services: building civil society and efficient local government in Russia

Tue Sep 13: We are not contractors

Thu Sep 15: The business of humanitarian aid

Reading: Can Wal Mart be a humanitarian organization? (“Saying no to Wal Mart”)

Tue Sep 20: The NGO Scramble:

Thu Sep 22: NGOs and the 2010 Haiti earthquake


http://www.otherworldsarepossible.org/tale-two-ngos-haiti-disaster-aid-or-aid-disaster (see link below instead)


and listen to this 25 min documentary: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00mmnqy

Tue Sep 27: Evaluating NGOs: How can we give better?

“Nonprofit Overhead Costs: Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Misleading Reporting, Unrealistic Expectations, and Pressure to Conform.” + Additional short readings on nonprofits’ overhead issues.

Thu Sep 29: Randomized controlled trials for NGOs?




Tue Oct 4: Choosing from a menu thanks to online giving markets

Listen to this podcast (1h15min):


Explore these two websites:


and https://watsi.org/

Thu Oct 6: Why not just give directly to the poor?

Listen to the following:

http://www.npr.org/blogs/money/2013/08/23/214210692/the-charity-that-just-gives-money-to-poor-people (8 minutes)

http://www.npr.org/blogs/money/2013/10/25/240590433/what-happens-when-you-just-give-money-to-poor-people (4 minutes)

Explore this website: http://www.givedirectly.org/

Tue Oct 11: Paper 1 due on Moodle by 23:59pm

Thu Oct 13: No advance reading. Materials provided in class today.

Tue Oct 18: Fall Break: No Class

Thu Oct 20: Do NGOs represent the poor? The case of the anti-sweatshop movement.

Naila Kabeer on sweatshops

Tue Oct 25: Mixing the NGO and business worlds

Readings on commercialization and its critics:

The case of Cabbages and Condoms

The pitfalls of profits (Weisbrod)

Should nonprofits seek profits (Foster and Bradach)

Thu Oct 27: Philanthroentrepeneurship the eBay way

Tue Nov 1: Can corporations save the world?

Corporate social responsibility: “The Good Company”

Thu Nov 3: Grameen Danone

Tue Nov 8: Paper 2 due on Moodle by 23:59pm

Thu Nov 10: Can we save the world by shopping well?

Go visit the Red campaign’s website to get your own sense of what it is: http://www.red.org/en/

Brand Aid: skim Intro and Read Chapter 1

Tue Nov 15: Brand Aid Chapter 2

Thu Nov 17: Brand Aid Chapter 3

Tue Nov 22: Brand Aid Chapter 4

Thu Nov 24: Thanksgiving: No Class

Tue Nov 29: Brand Aid Chapter 5

Thu Dec 1: Brand Aid: Conclusion

Wrap up discussion

Tue Dec 6: In class peer review of final paper

Wed Dec 7: Paper due on Moodle by 23:59pm.