Courses at the University of Puget Sound

Current (Fall 2017)

The Idea of Wine (IPE405)

Senior Thesis Seminar in International Political Economy (IPE401)


The Business of Alleviating Poverty: NGOs, Corporations and Social Entrepreneurs (IPE321)

The Political Economy of International Trade and Finance (IPE205)

ECON371: International Economics (syllabus in pdf format)

IPE201: Introduction to International Political Economy (syllabus in pdf format)

Older courses at other institutions

Williams College (2007-2008)

Economic Liberalism and its Critics (co-taught with Jim Mahon) (syllabus in pdf format)

Econometrics (syllabus in pdf format)

The Economics of NGOs (syllabus in pdf format)

City University, London UK (Spring 2007)

International Finance

Development Economics